Published on June 13, 2020

Company: AREVO

Job Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Contact: Riley Smith

Career Level: Other

Work Category: Engineering & Technical

Industry Sector(s): Electrical, Electronics, Telecoms & Appliances, Equipment & Machinery, Sports, Leisure & Recreation (excl. Maritime), Other

Spoken Language(s): English, Other

Job Description:
What you will doing:
- Write for product and sales/marketing materials (instructions, brochures, etc.)
- Provide documentation support for engineering and operations teams.
- Take, enhance, distribute notes from meetings
- Institutionalize / document knowledge throughout the team

Looking for someone who:
- Loves to write and does so concisely and articulately
- Supremely disciplined and always known to be early
- Can explain what a linked list is w/o Googling
- Obsessed about good formatting, even more obssessed about good content
Bonus points if you:
- Can explain the difference between Young's, bulk and shear modulus w/o Googling
- Can summarize Truyện Kiều in a Google Slides deck (in Vietnamese)

What Arevo will give:
- A jerk- and ego-free work environment
- A chance to take on roles you are not qualified for
- Below market rate salary, above market rate upside
- Meaningful work oriented towards a positive, planet-level impact
- The promise to make this the most transformative time of your career