Composites Manufacturing and Engineering Expert

Published on September 17, 2020

Company: Lohia Aerospace Systems

Job Location: At your location

Contact: Anurag Lohia

Career Level: Other

Work Category: Engineering & Technical

Industry Sector(s): Aerospace, Defence, Security & Ballistics

Spoken Language(s): English

Job Description:
Lohia Aerospace is looking for an expert in manufacturing technologies for all kinds of carbon and glass fiber composite production processes such as pre-pregs, wet-layup, RTM, LRI, ATL, and autoclave, out-of-autoclave, oven cured, and press processes.

A person who has retired from the manufacturing engineering or production function of a large aerospace composite manufacturing company based in Europe or USA.

The company requires consultancy on the following
a) Deciding the manufacturing processes from drawings
b) Identifying the raw materials required
c) Identifying sources of raw materials
d) Designing the process and tools
e) Setting up the manufacturing process and inspection methods
f) Selecting machines and equipments

It is not a full time job, and on a per hour or per day consultancy.

Can work from their location remotely.

Immediate onboarding.